photograph of harleen photographer in brand product photography in chennai, she is a specialised product photographer

I am Harleen, B.A Fine Arts Graduate from Stella Maris College, Chennai. I have been running my brand designing studio "Colorist Designs” from Nov 11 2006, in Mohali. In the year 2012 I fledged into Product Photography. I started small by shooting table top photography from my home based studio, and slowly expanded to bigger products and still expanding.

Being a brand designer helps me to design my product photographs from the scientific angle of them making sales. I don’t just take a photograph but design an end product that is going to help you in making your sales. That’s what Brand Product Photography is all about taking photographs that help you make sales and improve your brand image.

Being into branding made me realize that no matter how well I designed my clients logo , the brochure or the website , but when it came to photographs to help sell their products, I could not help them with underexposed photographs, and photos taken with color casts and not at all resembling the product to be sold. No matter of what corrections I made to these photographs I could not bring full justice to my branding efforts. Thus I fledged into photography to help my clients overcome this problem.

I have worked with wow wet wipes of Emirates( and AARS silks from Salem( and am expanding to bigger brands. My portfolio will show the justice I have done to my client’s products. So if you want the best photos to sell your product online or as a print advertisement or print catalog we are your best bet to high quality product photographs that will help create and sell your brand.

Contact me for your product photography, I not only help you sell but also help you build and expand your brand. Brand Product Photography takes pride in taking photographs that help you in selling and promoting your brand.

Best Product Photographer In Mohali

Exact Color Representation

We use color correcting tools to get the exact colour of your products. Be sure not to have your photographs tampered by lights and color casts. Your product photograph will match the exact shade of your product.

Best Product Photographer In Mohali

Perfect Exposures

Our product photographs are well exposed bringing out the right and bright color of your product. You will see bright brilliant colors and not underexposed photographs making your product look dark and dull.

Best Product Photographer In Mohali

Shoot to Sell

When we shoot your products, we keep in mind the scientific approach needed to photograph your product, to help it boost sales and give you an upper edge over your competitors

We photograph the minutest detail of your product

leaving nothing to your clients imagination & help you immediately bag the sale.

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