Good Product Photography that builds your Brand

If you are passionate about your business, then it deserves the best. It is a well-known fact that good Product Photography sells your products, so don’t compromise on looks and quality and pay heavily in form of a missed sale. Professional looking product photography help promote and sell your brand.

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product photography in chennai by harleen kaur

Product Photography

Brand Product Photography is a segment of Colorist Designs that specializes in Digital Marketing. Brand Product Photography was set up to offer specialized product photography to corporates for their branding and marketing needs. We offer professional product photography for online sales catalogue’s or selling on Amazon store. We have two types of product photography, one is for selling online and other digital platform and our second type of product photography is for print media and advertisements. The pricing is different for both types of product photography. The digital platform product photography is priced much lower due to its low file size. Customers going in for print product photography get both digital media and print media photographs at no additional cost. In the print media product photography, we have two types the normal print size and another is huge print size meant for bill boards and large display advertisement needs. Kindly specify your need before taking a quote.

Product Photography

We use soft lighting technique to bring out the textures and details of your product. Our Product Photography promises you of replicating the right color shade of your product. We take great pains to ensure that, you never compromise on the looks or color of your products.

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Jewelry Photography

We specialize with highly specialize diffused light and specialized macro lens to capture the minutest details of your jewelry photos. Our jewelry photography promises you of brilliant hues and sparkling colors of all your products.

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Portrait Photography

Be it a special event or a normal occasion, you always want to look your best and want to ensure that the photographs taken to share your office event or a casual gathering does you the full justice you deserve.

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Specialized Macro Shots

that showcase the minutest details of your products.

Brand Product Photography the new age photographers

Brand Product Photography brings you a new era in product photography in Chennai, where your photographs are captured to portray its true colors and every minute detail of the product, needed to make a successful sale. We use specialized macro lens and photography techniques to capture the minutest of details, that you will also be able to read the small print on your product labels. Our lighting is so soft that you will not have highlights blowing out your product details and it will also capture the complex textures of your product.

Get high quality, affordable Product Photographs

We have photographed products for clients all over India and the world. Our major clients are from America, Emirates, Australia, California, Mohali, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and more South Indian states. Our Product Photography process is very simple, you ship the product to us and we photograph it and ship it back to you.

On-site Photography Services

For products that can’t be shipped to us, like Architecture Photography, Portrait Photography, Event Photography, you can book us in advance to come and shoot at your place.